Clay animals

I like the when you look at this figurine you don't exactly know what it is but it is still very cute.
I like this fish's shape, especially because it has the shape of a vessel
I think this tiger is amazing!it is very detailed and has a very eye-catching colour.
I think this piece is very cute! not only because it must of taken ages to build, but it could also be used to put things in.
This fox is eating a chicken. I think it is very beautiful because of the detail.
I really like the way this panther in standing;it looks like ti is getting ready to run..
I really like the colour of this puma. I also like the pattern on it's back
I like the way this elephant's trunk is pointing upwards and so is it's face. it seems as if this elephant has seen something in the sky that caught it's attention.
I think this deer is rally amazing! it must of taken ages to built but it is really beautiful!
This turkey caught my attention as it is extremely detailed. it is amazing.
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