Principles of art

By: Mark Adams

You can easily tell that this cloth is a Repetition. The same Pattern is used many times in the creation of this cloth. At the bottom their is a different pattern but it is still consistent.
When you first look at this painting by Seiki Kuroda, you immediately see the shack on top of the hill. This shows that the painter wanted to Emphasize the house on top of the hill.
You can tell that this painting is a variety painting based on many things. There is an assortment of different shapes, lines, and colors.
All of the different shapes and colors make this piece of art a Unity.
This a a balanced artwork because of the symmetrical way it is painted.
You can tell that this is a painting that represents Movement because the object is moving across the painting diagonally.
You can tell that this painting is based off proportions because the man in the white is a lot larger than the short boy.
Credits: All media
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