The beasts

I picked these pictures because I was looking up Salvador Dali but nothing that appeared I found interesting. So then I looked up a theme that he liked to use, which was surrealism and that is how I found these pictures that I like.

The cheetah looked intimidating so I picked it. Also I do not usually see a cheetah in a room.
This lion looks interesting to me because it looks like its admiring the art which is something lions usually don't do.
This lion is asleep which is adorable.
This picture looked interesting to me because the animal looks like its just minding its own business and he chilling
Coca Cola is good, and the bear is chilling in the coke which I thought was pretty cool.
This picture is weird and that is the only reason I picked it.
The horse is interesting to me because it looks like he is just staring at its booty.
That zebra in the other picture is here again but this time its dead so I picked it because it continues the story.
Roosters are a under rated animal so I picked it because no one picks roosters.
I didn't know what animal to pick anymore so I picked donkeys which is another under rated animal in my opinion.
Credits: All media
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