Waldo's Art work Choices

All these colors are solid colors which represent the past history. The art is about important people of history who created these arts. 

This picture shows Benjamin franklin and electricity coming from the sky.I see Benjamin Franklin and some angels next to him. I like the coloring a lot because it fits to what he looks
What i learned about the description is that it was made in 1806 by John Trumbull. All i see is Alexander Hamilton posing for a picture. What i like about the picture is that its pretty simple
The description tells me that it was made 1804 by madison. I see a girl sitting down with a white dress. I like the red color on the chair.The style was probably very fancy and loyalty like
The description tells me that it was by Thomas sully and it was made 1808. I see a white girl in a white dress. What i like about the picture that its kind of dark and it makes the dress look better
Made by john B. Neagle in 1842.i see henry clay in dark coloring.I like the dark background and how henry clay looks like a light.life was probably good and bad because its dark background and henry clay looks like the light
This is a portrait of George Washington after a battle i assume because there are a lot of flags around
This painting was made by John Vanderlyn in 1815 and its a picture of a girl covered in blankets
This picture shows beauty and nature and a big great mountain made by washington Aliston
This a family picture that show two little kids with their mother and they look very wealthy
This a self portrait of george washington by Rembrandint peale in 1853
This shows george washington and his generals at yorktown
This picture shows j.s. willet it was made 1810 and its recently in the museum of fine arts
This was made by isaac avery in 1821 by sarah mirium
This was made by charles bird king in the white house and its the wicked chief
This picture is harpers fairy made 1808 in england
This picture shows nature and beauty. The painting was made by joshua h shaw in 1835 in the museum of fine arts in houston
This picture shows two owls on a tree and i really like the colors because it really goes with the colors
I like this picture because it shows a momma bird nurturing its babies
This picture really looks like garett gershawn and it is as fat as him
This statue is about the "Bust of Pius" . It looks like really important.
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