Places I would like to Visit

Even though I have been to Washington DC, I would like to go back. I have never been to The Museum of Modern Art or Paris. All my life I have wanted to see The Eiffel Tower.

The White House is a post and lintel two storey mansion. Its focal point is the Ionic columns that give it a plantation style look. It lacks magistry because it is dwarfed by nearby buildings.
The Washington Monument is a towering tribute to our first president. At the base the walls are made of pretested concrete and the facing is polished marble. The top offers a panoramic view.
The focal point of the capitol is the pillar supported dome. It is the center of US government. The column and capital style resembles that of ancient Rome. The senate and congress meet in each wing.
The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan NY is where The Starry Night hangs. This painting uses to texture of the oil point to present the swirling winds of the sky. The peaceful church is in contrast
The Eiffel Tower was once the tallest building in the world. It is 986 feet high. Four giant pillar swoop from a 54 degree angle at the base to join at the top nearly vertical. It stand alone and tall
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