The Feeling of Music - Taylor Zuhlke

Music has always been a way to express feelings. It doesn't matter what type of music you listen to, it always changes your mood. There are so many different types of emotions in music that make each person feel different. And when it comes to art the best way to show emotion is through color. All colors are able to capture an emotion and show off feelings. 

In this huge painting we all see a pianist playing and the keys flying after every note he plays. This is Oscar Peterson an amazing pianist. In the background we see a skyline that symbolizes the nightlife of Jazz. The thing that makes this painting stand out the most are the colors. Purple and blue are heavily used to reference the Jazz nightlife. But it also express feelings, purple expresses ambition and creativity, while blue expresses confidence and faith.
In this photo we see a woman dancing in a red and black dress. We have no idea what music was playing but we could only imagine that it is powerful. The item that catches our attention is the red dress. Red expresses the power of the dance and also the determination it takes to become a dance. Red also shows passion and desire, so with this woman dancing we can only imagine she wanted it to be a powerful dance to show explain her emotion.
In this painting we see a man on a wall with bright colors. The pattern of the piece really stood out to me. Graffiti is made up with lines most of the time but this artist used a different technique to make it stand out. There is no music involved with this piece but there doesn’t need to. Music is always a part of our life. It always finds a way to reach us and make us feel something. With the light colors the artist used it express a feeling in its own way. While his face makes him look sad the colors express a lot. Yellow shows energy, energy that makes people not want to give up. No matter how hard it is you keep moving on.
In this photo we see a woman with headphones on starting at a yellow item. The color yellow express the energetic side of things. This includes happiness, joy, and energy. One of the most important feelings you could express and feel with music. Lots of music contains energy to make a person feel a certain way. Not all music makes us feel happy and energetic though.
This painting is made up of pastels. It shows a woman dancing and features several different colors in her dress. These colors express her feelings that were happening at this moment. We see all kinds of different colors, orange, blue, purple, and white. All these colors are energetic and express joy.
In this painting we see two men playing the saxophone and another one possibly playing the trumpet. Jazz music was always energetic and made people feel joy and power. The two saxophones are a bright yellow, it shows the power and energy that the instrument creates. While the color that stand out the most is blue. We see a heavy use of lines to create an almost abstract like painting.
Like the photo earlier this time we have a different woman with headphones on looking at a blue item. We all think blue express sadness and depression but it just depends on the music. On the color wheel blue expresses wisdom, confidence, faith, and intelligence. With certain music we feel faithful and loyal to a certain thing.
This painting shows a composer conducting his piece of music. His podium is lit of yellow show his energy and also the energy of the music. We also see a musical note coming up above his head, this shows that music is playing. While he is in a black suit it symbolizes his power and elegance.
In this painting we see a man in black and blue. But the color that sticks out the most is blue. The man looks sad and depressed. This is what we all think of when it comes to expressing the color blue, sadness. Lots of music expresses sad feelings. From hip hop/rap to rock and much more. Music has a way to make us feel sad and depressed and that’s because the artist wanted to share their emotions with us. One more thing that stands out are the different types of lines used. We notice them on his face and body.
In this painting we see people dancing. The lines in the clothing really show the movement of the people. While color doesn’t really matter in this painting we can tell that music was always making people joyful and energetic just by looking at their facial expression. Music always expresses feelings whether they are happy, sad, and much more.
Credits: All media
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