The alluring country

The images in this gallery include many of the different styles of art that artists used in the past. Many of the styles in the images are still used today. In addition to the styles of the artwork, many of the themes revolve around romanticism. Many of the artists incorporate nature into their image. They also include different types of lighting in their images to emphasize certain parts of their art. Many of the images also appear to be of landscapes.

The trees and bushes allow the image to cluster it's surroundings and create a focus on the water.
This image is interesting to me because of the sun over the water. I also think that the colors used in the image portray a rebirth.
I enjoyed this image because of the colors used. It gives a sense of extension. There's a lot of depth in the image that allows a viewer to feel at peace.
This image gives a free sensation because of the waves over the rocks. The colors give the image a gloomy sense of feel.
This image shows isolation from industrial machines. The open land demonstrates the freedom one might have spending a day in this area. The sky also shows a rebirth because of the emphasis on the sun.
I found this image interesting because it seems peaceful. The waterfall and rocks make me feel curious in getting lost at this place. It also demonstrates a nostalgic wilderness lost to progress.
I found this image interesting because of the use of colors. It gives me a peaceful feeling and the idea of half of the image being bright and the other being dark portrays a contrast.
This image demonstrates a nostalgic wilderness lost to progress because of the vast natural objects. There aren't any buildings, allowing one to feel at peace with their surroundings undisturbed.
I found this image interesting because of the way that the food is placed on the table. In addition it shows a type of elegance in the artwork because of different drinks.
In this image i feel a sense of curiosity because there are so many trees in which can be hiding something. In addition it shows an ongoing path that leads to somewhere interesting.
I found this image interesting because the headless horseman demonstrates a spooky theme. Also i enjoyed the way that the trees were created in relation to the angles and colors.
This image was interesting to me because it gives me a sense of feeling at home because of the snow. It also gives a feel of coziness and a theme of family because of the dogs and horses.
I found this image interesting because of the colors used. In addition, i really enjoy bodies of water in general, therefore it caught my attention. The splash draws attention as well.
This image was interesting to me because the colors look old and have a vintage look to it. Additionally, I like how realistic the image looks as if someone sat in front of the harbor and painted.
I enjoyed this portrait because of the clothes that the man is wearing. In addition, I found the the writing on the scroll also looked interesting because it is in a different language.
This image was interesting to me because the man resembles a real Native American. His accessories caught my attention as well.
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