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In this gallery we have paintings that range from the early 18th century to the late 20th century. Many of these works are very realistic. My personal favorite of the collection is Belloto's View of the Grand Canal and the Dogana. This painting really comes to life for me.

I really enjoy viewing this painting because of all the minute detail the artists adds. Every time I look at this painting I find something new.
This painting is a favorite of mine. I love how Bellotto used shading and line to make this painting come alive. These techniques make it seem almost as clear as a photograph.
When viewing this painting I am very impressed by the way the artists were able to use shading and lighting to illuminate the sky just as a real fire would. This goes a long way to make this painting very realistic.
When I first viewed this print I felt for the elephant and thought it was a bit cruel, however I found myself glued to it and its very intriguing to me and makes me thing very deeply into the meaning and reasoning behind it.
I really enjoy this painting because of its realistic feel. I find it interesting how Brown was able to show light coming from between the branches and how well he was able to use shading to make this painting almost seem 3 dimensional.
I really enjoyed viewing this piece. I like how Shirkler has Kennedy's head down and arms crossed to show a man in deep thought.
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