Revisiting renaisSANCE ARt

By: Rebecca Corominas 

This sketch really caught my eye because it's very interesting and unlike the things that are usually painted by Leonardo. He usually paints things of beauty and this piece shows that there is another side to beauty. This is a Renaissance sketch because it shows motion in the clothing and you can see light shading around the figures as well as lots of detail.
The thing that really drew me to this painting was that if you look closely you can see faint halos surrounding the heads the of people. I feel this makes the painting interesting and unique. This is a Renaissance painting because it shows perspective, facial expression, and lots of motion within the characters.
This painting caught my attention because of the man and the bird. The man is shown very muscular yet vulnerable and the bird is shown large and over ruling.It shows animals over humans rather than the opposite. It is a Renaissance painting because it shows lots of motion, lots of shading, and perspective.
I chose this painting because it kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. It has bright colors and a magical mood that really brought me to it. But in the background you can also see destruction and fire. This is a Renaissance painting because it has perspective, movement, and lots of emotion and colors.
Credits: All media
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