In this collection, I've decided to gather colorful and appealing works of scenic art. This will include any man-made or natural environments that are vibrant with color or depict something that will inspire or bring happiness to the viewer. It might even be a new place that a person has never seen or been before that they can visit through art. I simply want to share multiple pieces that contain different perspectives of the world around them.

Cool blues of the flowing water meets with warm yellows of the sunny sky. Makes this a relaxing piece.
The day feels like it's coming to calming end. Looking out to the sea there are a few boats that have yet to call it quits though.
A couple holds hands while carrying a small child possibly after a day spent at the beach. I like the 1 point perspective used making the background beach the focal point.
A wide open space where men tend to their sheep and cattle. Colorful fields that lead back into serene mountains make this a soothing moment in time.
This impressionistic view, show stack of grain in a quiet field as the sun settles in the distance. The array of colors help add to the mood depicted.
Variation of reds,greens,and blues make this piece appealing to eye. There seem to be many people outside and engaging with nature and each other. Making this a "best of both worlds" situation.
The darker colors make The Great Wall's appearance seem strong and secure in what may possibly be a time of war.
This picture looks like it was painted from a cliffside above a body of water. There are many different colors for the different types of flower.
The vastness of this space makes the people in the picture seem so miniscule compared to it all. This sense of smallness can make you appreciate nature's grandeur.
This piece has large selection of color within it. The single boat adds to the serenity of what looks like a hidden cove . A place to get away and reflect on anything that comes to mind.
Credits: All media
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