Mythology among us

Mythology is the telling of stories, the beliefs of people and how they depict or portray their stories. This can be conveyed a number of ways. Through writing, painting, sculptures, etc. This exhibit will walk us through a time capsule of mythological themed art from ancient times through modern day. This gallery will show us examples of how ancient mythology still has an artistic inflluence on modern society.

This jar is painted with a mythological scene with two registers, top and bottom. The top shows Phrixos as he leads the ram by its horns to an altar of Zeus, Below there is a winged fury and a man with a dagger.
In this illustration called A Siren and a Centaur, the half bird half woman looks into a mirror as she gazes at her reflection while displaying her breasts, and femininity. The Centaur seems to be riding past her and is distracted by her beauty and openness and rears his head, seeming to stop short.
This painting of what seem to mermaids, re painted on a wooden ceiling. Not much is known about this particular work but is a great example of mythology where we see an excellent example of the mermaid and the stories of sailors who claim to have seen and heard their siren. Very heavily painted lines with a loose brush stroke really make these two creatures pop out.
In this painting titled "Mythological Scene from about 1524, the heavens and earth are depicted showing cherubs in the sky pointing arrows at the figures on the ground. This scene shows a fruit tree, two naked people and two clothed women. Could these be a painting inspired by Adam and Eve? The woman in the green dress and red cape some think is a Goddess. There's an empty vessel on the floor suggesting some kind of debauchery may have just taken place.
Here we see in a renaissance painting, Venus in the middle, standing on a shell, floating atop the water surrounded by holy or religious figures, and sea creatures paying their respects to her: There are several Gods as well. This again tells a story and has all the ingredients for a mythological painting. The mixing of humans and creatures, angels and winged beasts are many times the staple of a mythological depiction.
Here we have Mars, the God of war in a chariot being pulled by wolves. Here we see the many artifacts that sum up mythological influences from ancient time. We have our God, angels, the heavens and the earth, and the humans. In this case this a mythological story about a war. The perspective on this is wonderful. The artist puts the viewer on the ground as if looking up at Mars and witnessing him lead his legion of worriers into war.
In this British painting from about 1720 we can see the influence ancient mythology had on the artist. We see again beasts, winged humans a God-like figures shrouded in blue fabric and then the upperclass or, figures of power to our left. The clouds and sky take up half the painting which is typical in these types of paintings. The heavens and earth, one of the mythological themes that are usually symbolic of Gods and mankind.
Who hasn't heard of Thor, the God of thunder. Greek Gods have always influenced art in many forms such as writings, comic books, and movies. Thor summons lighting from the heavens, and in this painting, the God of thunder comes down to earth to bring resolve. Lead by beasts pulling a chariot, Thor plows through a group of men. Here we have the beasts, the heavens and earth, a God and humans, all traits of mythology and paintings.
The Greeks are responsible for the Olympics. It's no surprise that this artwork from the Olympic series has been influenced by Greek mythology and their Gods. This painting has figures performing various skating techniques but are paint din such a way they resemble Gods and Angels that seem to be floating in the heavens.
This image entitled Seven Runners depicts runners in an Olympic event while the white outlined figures show the crowning of an athlete. This pointing was done in 1990 and has a mythological flair. We see in white outlines, the winner being crowned as if a Demi God. The woman holding the crown with a Goddess like look, her hair and wardrobe flowing in the wind. The runner ups standing behind the winner symbolizing inferiority. This is a very nice representation of ancient mythology influencing modern art.
This painting made October 2014 is another great example of modern art being influenced by mythology. A Goddess like woman rising from the water clothed in Greek/Roman like garb, seems to be controlling the water. Her waves begin to envelope a modern day ship and it's passengers.
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