Jackson minch


I picked harmony for this piece because there is repeating element and principles but they flow together to make a picture that is very nice and calming.
I choose rhythm for this piece because it has repeating shapes. You can see the circle's repeat around the center of the plate.
This art work shows a lot of pattern because it has black squares repeating across the picture. There are also round shapes in the tan part and that repeats across the whole picture.
This piece shows very good form. It is a tall building and a smaller one. They are 3 dimensional so that makes them have form, because they have length, width and height.
This piece shows emphasis because of the white figures in the middle of it. They draw your attention and you look at them first because they are white and everything else is black and dark gold.
I picked movement for this piece of art, i picked movement because you can see that the women are holding up the kids and the one woman is reaching up give the kid something or grabbing the kid.
I choose this sculpture for proportion because it all goes together. His head is about the right size compared to his body.
This piece shows balance because if you split it in half and looked at both sides they would look about the same.
I picked this for variety because you can see the different shapes in the art, there is also form in it, and you can see the horizontal and vertical lines.
I choose this for space because you can see the positive space between the back rest pieces, and you can see the negative space between the legs.
This piece of art shows good texture. If you look at the top of the piece you can see that there are small bumps. If you felt this piece you would be able to feel those.
this art work shows a lot of value because around the bottom of the face it shows a darker brown, around the eyes is a lighter brown. You can see the color getting darker and lighter.
This piece shows color, it is very vibrant and colorful. Light reflects off it in many ways and creates many different colors.
This piece of art shows lines, because it is very detailed. It shows many lines in the details of the art work. You can see the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines within the work.
This shows shape because it makes the shape of a circle.
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