Perspective to Show Scale

How point of view changes everything

The mountains in the background are shrunk down to show their size, and the cow in the foreground is enlarged bigger than the houses behind it to represent its closeness.
The building in the background would be quite large normally. The artist depicted it from a distance in order to fit it all into the picture, as well as to gauge its size from the swarms of people.
Far in the distance, the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty can be seen, seemingly puny compared to the tugboats puttering around in the foreground.
A large, grand castle sits in the background against an even larger sky. The field workers seem like giants in comparison.
As water cascades ever closer down the river, it seems to widen out into quite a large waterfall from a small opening in the vegetation.
Though a bit warped, this piece aptly depicts the street and building facades shrinking away into the distant horizon.
The distant peaks and even an entire city look like pebbles against the endless sky, as well as the much closer crowd of soldiers.
A peaceful cluster of clifftop buildings overlooks a rather large island in the distance far below, seemingly dwarfing the expansive horizon and the clouds above.
A small, lone rowboat floats toward a sprawling cityscape in the distance, some of the buildings looking much smaller than the boat itself.
The figures on the sand appear like giants as opposed to the town nestled amongst the trees on the other side of the water.
A lone tree overlooks a distant cliffside vista and expanse of farmland, appearing many times taller than the rocks and fields below.
The seated subjects look as if they could hold the buildings atop the massive cliffs behind them in the palms of their hands.
Boatmen look on as massive seagoing ships set sail in the distance, their masts appearing taller even than the hills beyond.
The wet street shrinks and fades away into the rainy-day gloom, the distant buildings and trees shrouded by moisture.
The walls of the massive square seem to smoothly change in height as they wrap around the throngs of people towards the edges of the image, both shrinking into the distance and growing at the nearest.
Credits: All media
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