By Esperanza Herrera

1. House seems in very good condition. 2. People seem to be enjoying themselves. 3. Everything looks well taken care of.
1. Family seem happy. 2. Seem to be on the successful side. 3. They take vaccacions.
1. House seems to be in excellent condition. 2. It all looks high class. 3. The material looks high quality.
1. Grass looks very well. 2. Pool looks very well. 3. Seems like a nice house.
1. Seems as if they are very happy. 2. Dress of high class. 3. They have a butler.
1. They have a server. 2. Dress very well. 3. Seem to be very wealthy.
1. Both girls seem happy. 2. Both dress in very high class clothes. 3. Seem very rich.
1. All seem to be having a good time. 2. Dress very nice. 3. Seem of the wealthy type.
1. The man has very nice things. 2. Everything seems to be expensive. 3. All of the things seem to be very high class material.
1. Dresses really fancy. 2. Has nice jewelry on. 3. Has nice hair.
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