The Answer is love -Rayshad Bell

The gallery depicted shows artists and their definition of how love is expressed through paintings and other aspects to convey their message. Famous painters have all had this particular emotion to bring their thoughts to life and therefore having the most celebrated and most popular paintings in the world. Today, they are placed in world renowned museums and are kept in their perfect condition. 

The particular piece is called "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt which was done between 1908-1909. This piece was one of the most popular works Klimt had. The shapes for this piece shows rectangles and an analogous color since they are right next to each other. This piece is known as the Golden Epoch. It was inspired to to see mosaics.
This piece was created by Jan Toorop in 1893. This piece represents Desire, which shows that with the eyes wide Desire may receive their blessing from the rain. And satisfaction on the other side shows the eyes half open. The piece has a sense of unity and it comes together along with color and balance.
This painting shows Venus and Adonis, two people that were in love and did not want to separate from one another. The original piece was created by Frederich V. then later updated by Paul Reubens. Adonis was to be killed by a wild boar is the representation the painting. It shows a sense of balance because of the posture of both Adonis and Venus. Shape is also shown here as it has a moving feel to it.
This painting was created by Manuel Ocaranza in 1869. The woman in the painting is shown wearing a white dress with a red sash. Also she holds a white flower in her hand which represents purity. The hummingbird represents masculinity. The woman is inspired by reading a letter given to her. The textures in this piece are very smooth and sends a message to the onlooker.
This sculpture was created to represent two people, Psyche and Eros, god. Eros fell in love with Psyche. The design here shows symmetry and movement. This sculpture was commissioned by Count Dominik Ondřej Kounic and this was placed in the baroque garden in Slavkov. The pieces of this sculpture are still in its original place.
This painting was created by Vincent van Gogh while interning at a mental asylum. Vincent van Gogh sent a message by using colors to translate light and dark and to turn it into black and white. This was created after Millet, which van Gogh believed his paintings were more precise and was more "modern" than of his own.
This piece shows Radha and Krishna in the boat of love. This represents Raja Savant Singh, which he ruled the 18th century CE. He had a consort named Bani Thani, in which he fell in love with her and eventually took over the throne to become a servant. The colors and texture here shows them riding off in the sunset.
This painting was created by Felix Vallotton in 1893. It shows couples ice skating around in Paris at the Champs-Elysses. The painting shows shapes being involved here because of the intersecting colors being fused together. They are represented by bringing dance to life. The women for the painting is prioritized as well.
This was created by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe in 1887. Most of her paintings brought a sense of realism and it shows that there is a man on a horse which be depicted as a potential love interest. There is considerable proportion in this piece because of its realism as it shows because of someone coming by.
The final painting was created by Jean-Honore Fragonard. The painting depicts that a man and a woman are going to a fountain to The Fountain of Love. If they drink out of the fountain or cupid dips his arrows into the water and shoots them, they will fall in love. The formal elements of the painting shows texture for the hard surface of the painting and unity for the completeness showing the man is drinking from the cup from cupid first.
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