Another Day, Another Chance      by Ziad Abou CHacra

This gallery is a collection of artworks that represent nature at its purest. We have 10 "Oil on Canvas" paintings made by some of the biggest and most appreciable artists from around the world. We hope that this collection inspires you and ignites the best of feelings in your heart. We find the paintings to be emotional and relaxing thanks to the effort and greatness of the respective painters.

This painting is a bright representation of a standing woman looking at a large field of what I assume is dead plantations by the broken fence and the weeds wrapped around it and in the ground. The use of the colors reflects a positivity, we can see a clear sky, a bright field, and a big space that depicts ease of mind
In this piece, we can see a narrow passage which is not really a passage but it guides our vision deeper into the center of the painting where we can see distant hills and the sky. Perspective is really important in this piece, we can also notice that the top of the trees is not shown in the painting and that immerses the viewer into the painting.
This painting represents a big lake surrounded by trees on both the left and the right sides, and the city of Argenteuil in the background. We can barely understand the buildings in the city, therefore our focus is on the lake, boats, and the reflections. There is definitely a sense of depth in the painting.
This painting is very interesting to me. Two people are walking through the forest, the color green is dominating this piece, it is a happy color that represents nature. The trees are very important, there is an endless amount of them, and they make the figures look small in perspective, between them, especially because we can only see the trunk of the trees.
I really like this one, there are trees, mountains, animals, a lake, what looks like a few barns, and most importantly two rainbows. The detail in this painting is fascinating. The contrast in this picture between the dark and angry sky, and the sunny town is what made me include it in the gallery. The rainbows imply positivity, the sun after the storm.
A view of Cincinnati represents the city that's on the shore of a lake. In the foreground, we have downhill path. The lake and the city are in the mid ground, and the background consists of a blurry hill, and the ocean. The sky that is full of clouds takes a big part of the painting.
In this paint, the trees are the main focus, there is an incredible amount details in the leaves branches and in the bushes. The trees are surrounding a pathway. There is unity in the way the trees are drawn, they have similar shapes, and colors that are close to each other.
This painting is just amazing. The sun is so bright, I am having a hard time looking at it, and what makes it so real is the reflections on everything little object in the painting. There are two things that are pulling my attention, the woman in the middle, and the dates on the palm tree and that is because of the red color that is used on both.
If this painting does not represent perspective and depth, what does? there is a cattleman with his cattle in the foreground, trees in the mid ground and hills in the background. This piece is really dynamic in color, the painter has used warm colors such as red and cold colors such as blue.
This painting is somewhat different from the others, there is a hill, and what sets it apart is the brush strokes that were used the paint it, they imply movement, violent wind. In this piece we can also notice a big range in color. There is shadow on the ground in the foreground which we can not be recognize what the object that is creating it is.
Credits: All media
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