Paintings Clar209 Sum 1

These paintings are a collection of my favorites.

His Majesty Receives by William Holbrook Beard seems to show the dominance of foxes in their environments. The fox is dressed in a red coat showing his importance and possibly even the threat that he poses to the other animals. The artist dressed the animals in clothes to make the painting seem more human-like. All of the animals, except for the fox, are wearing what could be considered a normal garb and they are all dressed alike.

The painting, Butterflies, by Odilon Redon seems very peaceful to me. I believe that butterflies are a symbol of beauty and freedom and the painting portrays them as just that. The artist uses soft lines and lighter colors to make a serene sort of feeling.

The artist, John Martin of The Great Day of His Wrath, on the other hand, uses dark colors and reds and oranges to give the onlooker a feeling of fear. The content of this painting shows what seem to be mountains and corpses along with a huge valley. Judging by the title of the painting, Martin seem to be showing what my happen if God becomes angry and irate. Thus, the feeling of fear and uneasiness that he is trying to give to the onlooker,

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