The Blue Color of Life

A compilation of images using shades of blue to show life through art

Van Gogh used colors of the night to create a scene in which the blues come to life
The mix of blues and greens brings this piece to life, warping the colors together to simulate movement.
I really liked the colors the artist used here to bring out the slates and black in the rocks
This piece uses a blue background to intensify the center object and branches like trees in winter
This image from a far looks like stars, but up close is a population.
Using hues of blue to emphasis the vast size of space
Using symbolism to portray a dog in space.
What looks like photo time lapse, using the electric blue to make it pop
Using grays and blues to depict a oceanic scene
Using the cool blue to bring out the landscape the painting is focusing on
I liked the artists use of blues and greens to make this feel like a dark place to be. The hues of green give an erie feel to the painting
I love graffiti and the use of colors brings the words to life
This artists use of letters and images helps to tie it together, making it a unique wall art.
Blue background to bring out the other colors in the image
Using the white, blue and green hues to bring to life this graffiti.
Monet uses the colors here to bring life to the lily pads and lake.
The idea of textiles and the hues of blue, really brings out the vibrancy of the white tiles. The white background, really makes the designs in blue stand out
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