Dogs in art

These are all images of dogs throughout different regions in the world and different times in history.  I have chosen several different types of art, paintings and sculptures.  In most of these art works of dogs, the dogs look quite similar, having a greyhound type dog present.  None of the dogs seem to be posing for the painting, perhaps taking away from the realism in the art.  The third painting and the sculpture that appears to be a mug are not attempting realism,they catch your eye in how different they are.  These images relate to the course because they represent moments in history.  I have noticed that the type of dogs portrayed at different times all look slightly different, just as we could tell from old photographs, I notice through the style that they come from certain times.  I already mentioned realism and they also relate to globalization as I am able to obtain these pictures/sculptures without going anywhere.

Credits: All media
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