Discord in a child's imagination 

This gallery consists of many different works of art. Some of them are creepy some of them are fun and happy. There are are many cool colors and some very strong and vibrant ones. It shows how children's imagination isn't all that we think.  I hope you in joy this gallery and you find some of these photos to your liking.

i like all the bright colors.
I like this picture because the white really blends with the blue back round and it is all very smooth and calming.
I like this picture because the white sticks out on the black perfectly making it look 3-D.
I like how it mixes the colors and blends with back round. I also like how the white and blue blends to make a beautiful tornado.
I like the green and yellow that blends with the red to make it look detailed.
I like this picture because of the texture and how it creates this painting.
I like this because it shows how new york and tokyo has always had a hard time getting along and berlin is just in the middle of it all keeping them apart from each other.
I like how the white pops out on the black and white drawing
I choose this picture because i really like pink floyd and this shows all of there aspects and album pictures.
I choose this because i like how the car looks like its coming out of the wall and 3-d.
I like this photo because of all the color.
I like the litlle balloons thingys.
I like all the different things going going on in this piece of art.
I like this one because of how the earth is floating away as we would be free of all the troubles with humainty.
I like how the painting just blends in with bricks.
I like how the guy looks alive and pops out on the purple and goes perfectly with the brick back round.
I like the how the kinda pirate like guy paints bright colors on the wall.
Credits: All media
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