Art Gallery of color

This Gallery is about differences in uses of color.

In this picture we can clearly identify Primary colors ( Red ,Blue,and yellow.) But aswell can also see the secondary colors. It is also primary triatic.ALso because of the secondary colors it is also secondary triatic.
This is analogues because these colors are in harmony.
This image is an example of Tertiary Triadic because it contains the mixture of the primary and secondary colors.
The colors represented in this image are opposite because of the fact that the blue and yellow are opposite.
I believe that this image is split complementary.
These colors are warm because none of these colors are dark meaning its warm.
This image would be cool because it is dominated by darkish colors making the effect a cool one.
This image is monochromatic because all of the colors can be found in the blue section from white to very dark blue to the point where it looks black
Credits: All media
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