Color Schemes

Mark Adams

As you can see in this painting, O'Keeffe uses a Primary Color Scheme. You can tell because the colors are red, yellow, and blue.
You can tell that this painting uses a Secondary Color Scheme because the colors that you see the most of in this painting are Orange, Green, and Purple.
The two colors used in this painting are Red and Green. These two colors are opposite each other on a color wheel. Therefore, the artist uses a complimentary color scheme.
This painting uses values of only one color. Therefore, this is a Monochromatic schemed painting.
The colors used most in this painting were black and white. This means that this is a black and white painting.
You can tell that this is an analogous schemed painting because it uses 3 colors that are adjacent to each other.
This painting uses mainly yellow, orange, and red. This means it is a Warm Color scheme.
Most of the colors in this painting are blues, greens, and violets. This means that the scheme of this painting is Cool Colors.
Credits: All media
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