The reason I have decided to choose Landscapes as my theme because; the surroundings of the artwork give me an idea of the century or year it’s been created or made. It also arouses my emotions when I see the artworks, also when I see it straight away gives me an idea of the history of the artwork.  It represents my theme because landscapes changes every day, every minute and every second. It gives me an idea of what the past and the present looks like and what has changed, and why it has changed for. For example when Aboriginal people were living here there was a lot of forest and bushes. But when the British came to claim this land everything has changed, from the natural and calming environment, to the tall buildings and poisonous pollution. Just by looking at an artwork, can tell you the history or past is very amazing. 

When i first saw this piece of artwork i felt very sad and depressed because,the use of dark and gloomy colours evoke that. I feel that the meaning behind this artwork is about the environment changing.
This is a Post Modern Frame from the lady's dress the artwork is being painted.This artwork challenges the audience because of the man holding the umbrella as they're walking.
They have used watercolour painting. Some of the art element that has been used in this artwork are colour, line and shape.The foreground has waves, the mid-ground is the ship and the background is the sky. The ship has conveyed war in this artwork.
This artwork has depicted that society is about war/ conflict and money.This work has been influenced by political because this artwork could be about war between two countries. This work has reflected issues in the culture of time because now technology has improved, which shows we have improved on the transport to attack on the other country.
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