Pakistan and Nepal Culture

A variety of items and pictures showing the culture of Pakistan and Nepal. 

Mosques are a very important component of Islam, a prevalent religion in Pakistan.
Samudra Gupta was a regional emperor of the Pakistan/India region and was considered the "ideal king of the golden age of Hindu history."
Bull races are a source of entertainment for Pakistani villages. Owners feed their bulls and keep them healthy, then decorate them with bells and bright cloth, and take them to the races to celebrate.
The Baltit fort is an ancient fort in the Hunza valley in Pakistan.
Ralli quilts are traditional quilts made by women in Pakistan.
Embellishing your body is important in Pakistani culture. In Pakistan, turtles are thought to be easygoing, patient, and wise creatures.
The Wazir Khan Mosque is a mosque in Pakistan that is known for its extensive tile work.
After an earthquake in Nepal, several priceless artifacts from their culture were destroyed.
The Nepal Tiger Tops is a tourist area in the Himalaya Mountains.
This is a picture of a traditional Nepalese wedding.
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