Conquering Olympic Dreams by: BRYAN rODRIGUEZ-aCEVEDO

Through the title you can get an introduction as to what my gallery is going to consist of. As I chose these themes to relate to colors and history, I believe the paintings I chose, represent these two things in many ways. The different shades of colors and different important figures inside of each painting relate to the different types of history that relate to the Olympics.

Inside of this artwork you notice three major components; and that is the Olympic Rings, the head of Poseidon, and a woman with a flame inside of one hand and an apple in the other. The author painted this with soft colors of blue and pink. Relating to my theme of color and history. The three major components all have their own important history.
As my theme is related with color and history, inside of this paining the author also used light colors of red and blue like the previous painting. Also inside of the painting there is an example of St George represented as killing the dragon inside of the description. Therefor tying a role with my history theme.
Inside of this picture there is a man running with the number 92 on his shirt, which is the year of the current Olympics. There is also a gargoyle from the cathedral. Which is in connection with the host town of the Olympic, Barcelona. Recognizing the history of Barcelona through important figurines from the past.
This painting has a relation with the previous painting showing the importance of the host town Barcelona's history. Using examples with the gargoyle from the Cathedral. As color is also one of my themes, the author went towards a different view than most of the paintings inside of my gallery, not really focusing on blue but more shades of red and orange.
I really liked this painting because I liked the many different colors and shades of blue that he portrays. He's aiming towards a single sport of swimming, as swimming goes back in history as one of the most popular and most known Olympic sport. Also if you look very closely you can see the motions of two individuals diving into the water.
The colors inside of this painting are also based from red and blue. It shows different teams getting ready to play their certain sport. Showing the comradery of different countries represented as different colors.
Inside of this painting it shows one main subject in the middle with two boxers, but looking deeper into the painting you see there are multiple different matches the represent past history of Olympic boxers. I tried to use the the same color combinations of red and blue, representing the colors of the Olympics. This painting showing different color gloves for different countries.
This painting is more personal as my favorite sport is basketball. I also like the colors that this artist used with the yellow and brown combining for the colors of a basketball, and a court. Basketball inside of the Olympics also goes back as one of the most popular and most well known sport.
The reason I chose this painting was because it is very different from every other painting. The reason for this is because this picture is related to the winter Olympics. I feel like that artist used darker shades of colors to show the later time of the year it is. Inside of the painting you can notice different sports that relate to the history of the Winter Olympics.
Inside of this painting the first thing you notice is the patriotic colors of red white and blue. Representing many different things it was a good idea for the artist to use these colors to portray different meanings of the painting. It is also a cool style of stacking the dancers as if they were holding each other going upwards.
Credits: All media
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