The madonna across the ages and nations- Ryan Leto

For my collection, I focused on paintings of the virgin birth of Christ. All of the pieces are from different places but from around the same time. The first thing I noticed is the difference in the appearance of Mary. With each country comes a different depiction of what she looked like. The differences span from different hair color to different facial structure. All the pieces in this gallery are painted on canvas or paper with one being painted on wood. The main focus is color, lines, and texture. One commonality that all of the paintings share is the use of the color gold.  

This piece is titled "The Immaculate Conception" by Joan de Joanes. It depicts Mary being crowned for giving birth to the son of God. The main color used in this piece is gold, which I believe is to portray how divine she was, and the miracle that happened.
This is three separate pieces that all come together. Again, it depicts the Mary holding Jesus, St. Bernard and a Monk are sitting directly behind her and Jeanne de Bubois behind them, praying in a church. The details in this painting are immaculate, and mostly soft colors are used, except for the common use of gold.
With this being one of the older pieces, the details are not as intricate, but the message is the same. The artist used very contrasting colors for the main image and used leaflets around it. The lines are all very clear for how old it is.
The lines in this painting are a lot easier to see, but they all flow together very nicely. This artist also used colors that do not match up very well but still made it work very well.
The colors in this painting are a lot more bland than the others using more natural colors besides the red curtain. This piece depicts Gabriel(Angel) telling Mary that she will birth the son of God.
This picture depicts Mary showing Jesus to all of the saints. Notice that since this is German, most of the people have blond hair, opposed to the paintings from other countries that have red or even brown hair.
This painting depicts the Virgin Mary breastfeeding Jesus. As far as the details go, I think this is one of the most interesting pieces in the gallery. The artist went so into detail on certain parts, but yet there is what appears to be a lack of skill or time in the facial features. They both have odd faces.
This piece is painted on wood and is from Italy. It depicts Mary praying over Jesus who appears to be resting on her lap. Mostly neutral colors were used except for the use of red, and of course, gold.
This is my favorite painting out of all of them. At first glance it doesn't look very detailed, but if you take the time to zoom in you will see just how detailed it is. Mary's fingers and Jesus' feet are especially detailed. All of the colors flow together very well despite some of them being so different.
This piece depicts Mary holding Jesus with several angels looking over them. Gold is the main color used in this piece with red being the second, they complement each other very nicely. Again, the detail of this painting is amazing.
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