Camille Morrison

Color Scheme

The color scheme identified is monochromatic. Gray, and black are used to create this image. The mood very very dark and gloomy.
The color scheme is picture is cool. The colors that were used to create this image were different shades of blue. The mood that this set was like coldish and it just reminded me of the cold ocean.
The color scheme in this picture is warm. Colors used were different shades of red and yellow. The mood was homey and lovable, that is how I felt.
The color scheme is analogous. The colors are red and blue, with some purple. The mood makes you feel sort of alive, but at the same time it is very dulling.
Color scheme is complementary. The colors that are used are green and red. The mood was happy, and it caught my attention well.
The scheme in this picture is triadic. Colors used are yellow, blue, and red. These colors are very catch able and gets your attention. This made me feel sort of estatic.
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