Chinese culture

This image shows the use of color and design in Chinese art.
This image shows how china sees Buddha. His ethnicity, and his clothing appear different than in other cultures. This is what China depicts Buddha's paradise to be.
This image shows China's use of metals in sculptures. It shows attention to detail, and a specific shape.
The streets in china appear very narrow. The rode appears to be made of stone or brick. Also, the buildings appear to be the same height and both have flat roofs.
This image shows peace. The colors are very light, and the woman's dress is very flowy. The flowers make the painting appear peaceful.
This image shows Chinese architecture. The building is very tall. Buildings in china have an iconic shape. The roof is flat and slopes down its side. The building also includes many pillars and arches
This drum is a good representation of the instruments in china. The drum appears old and include many strings around it.
This vase shows China's art. The vase includes many lines and squiggles, but all of these lines remain straight and exact.
This image shows the clothes worn in china. There is a jacket which crosses in the front, along with a skirt. This is what women in china wore in the 1900's.
This vase posses the same round shape, that many of china's other vases have. This vase has an attentive blue color. It also posses that same feeling of peace, which seems to be popular in china.
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