Midnight-Benjamin dorantes

This exhibit represents midnight. When I think of midnight I think of the color black, which is one of my favorite colors and how at night the color is all around you. I like how dark and empty the color is. It also reminds me of cities, specifically my hometown of Charlotte NC. I hope you enjoy the art I selected.

The Court jester by Roland Paris is a very interesting piece. I shows two book ends made of a dark marble. My interpretation of the piece is that both men are the same person. The left represents the darker side of him and the right represents the lighter happier side.
The Abduction of Europa was painted by Rembrandt Harmensz. The painting is about the god Jupiter seducing Europa and convincing her to ride away on her back to an island away from her companion. I really enjoy the dark colors in the woods of the painting and in the waters.
Joos van Craesbeeck painted the Temptation of Saint Anthony. This painting represents the series of temptations that the Christian monk Anthony the Great faced during his pilgrimage through the desert. I really enjoy the dark colors and theme of this painting. Temptations are usually thought of to be negative and the dark colors in the painting show that.
Amedeo Modigliani painted Paul Guillaume, Novo Pilota. His painting shows a man wearing a suit and a fedora. He is also smoking a cigarette. The paining is very dark leading me to believe that it was set at nighttime. This is not relevant but he looks a little like Leonardo Dicaprio.
#Lamentation was painted by Grayson Perry. The painting depicts the scene of an accident where a woman crashed her car into a pole and flew out of the windshield. The background of the city appears to glow with the light of the city and the night sky surrounds it. The painting is dark both in theme and in time of night.
We all know that Vincent Van Gogh painted the well known piece of art that is The Starry Night. The painting depicts the view of the night sky looking over a city. The colors of this painting are brighter blues yellows and dark greens. This painting really captures the movement of the wind.
Water Lilies by Claude Monet is a beautiful piece that I have seen before in previous art classes. The painting shows a pond with water lilies growing on the surface. The colors used to color the water were darker leading me to believe it was night time. The colors for the lilies were very bright and beautiful.
Witches Sabbath was painted by Goya y Lucientes. The paining depicts a group of witches falling at the feet of Beelzebub praising him. The time of night looks like its at midnight which is considered the witching hour. This painting is dark in both theme and colors and is one of my favorite pieces in my gallery.
Midsummer Eve Bonfire on Skagens Beach by P.S. Kroyer is a very beautiful painting. It depicts a group of people surrounding a burning pyre. They are on the beach at night and everyone in the picture seems to be enjoying themselves leading me to believe it is some sort of festivity.
Trombonist by Georges Seurat is a very interesting painting which shows a trombonist playing infront of a crowd of people. There appear to be spot lights over head and a city in the background. The drawing seems to be drawn in pencil which is very unique and something I like about this painting.
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