Brian 8C

I chose this because the feathers look really realistic and the texture of the ground look like real dirt.And also the color is matches as the swan and the background.
This painting is look so realistic and the leaves is look so soft and smooth. The wood and the bridge are look rough and old. The Shadow is perfect from darkness to light.
I like this painting because it's look a real village and the brick look rough and also the trees. The leaves look smooth and soft. The dirt is really look like a real dirt. The sand and the water look really smooth. The big and small rocks look realistic. And i like how the details for the people and cast shadow.
This painting is really smooth. I like how they did the sunset and the cast shadow. The trees and grass is really realistic. The painting is look real, The details are really good. The combination color is good, example green red brown yellow, all is bright color.
I like this painting. This really look like a river or water fall. The texture is pretty good. I like how the water flow and touching the rock is like splashing. The water is like smooth and the rocks look like hard and rough. The color is awesome, it's from light to dark ( cast shadow )
Credits: All media
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