world war 2 pictureas

Eli De Los Santos

In this picture you have the United States allies helping troops on a beach. All of the boats of the shore have supplies like food, clothing,or they may have fresh men on board.
In this picture you have a medic helping a solider that got hurt in battle. If a solider got hurt in battle they could of most likely died because of infection.
This is a picture of Hawaii that was attacked by japan. This attack on the United States was horrible because of how they did it. Japan had an amazing supprise attack.
This is a picture of tanks dashing acrossed a battle field. Japan and other countries had very fast tanks and they would use them to break their enemies lines or blow something up from a distance.
This is a picture of huge destroyers dropping off supplies, med stuff, men and much more. The United States needed a lot of men and supplies to win the war.
This is a picture of planes dropping men down from the sky. The only problem with this is that men are scatterd every where on the battle field. They may not even see their unit for the entire time of the war.
Casualtys of war come in huge numbers. no matter where you are from if you are going to war it is possible that you may die
This picture shows how crule war can be no matter who you are if you are there you may die. this mother maybe trying to protect her child and had paid the price for it. And now the child has no one to call family.
In this picture a group of men are getting ready to go to war and have to cross a river to get their.
In this picture it shows a man who has all of his belongings with him while he is going to war. and he has to carry it all him self
In this picture a group of Germans are being held prisner as the US army is telling them where and when to go.
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