Posters were used in America to create a united front. This propaganda clearly paints other rulers as a threat to America's most valued concept: Freedom
This poster was used to gain support for Hitler. The poster emphasized that he was taking the time to fly to places and meet with others, while his competitors were not.
This poster was used to create support for Hitler. The German people were in desperate need of someone or something that would take them out of depression.
This poster encouraged Germans to join Hitler. It emphasizes the unity of the individuals under Hitler. Individuals may feel like they need to be apart of this unity after seeing a poster like this.
This poster was used to spread hate among Germany against the Jews. It is implying that the Jews are hiding behind America, Britain, and the Soviet Union.
This poster was used to continue to turn the German population against the Jews. This hatred would unite the country.
This photo is promoting the teachings of the Nazi. It is encouraging parents to educate their children on the "evils" of the Jews.
Signs were placed around to surround the German population with reminders of who the enemy was.
Even movie posters depicted Jews as evil people. This stereotypical image was seen as realistic by many.
Posters were used to gain support for Hitler to come into power.
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