I think this picture is cool because it shows the powers of both light and dark in nature
I like this picture because it has many different shapes and colors
I like this picture because the texture is like many rocks
I like this piece of artwork because its the only one you can eat on
This picture has a texture of mud
I like this picture because it is all swirly and there is a town at the bottom
This picture has many boats and buildings in water
This picture i cool because it has toxic gases coming out of it
The picture seen on the screen is a green dragon knife with a jagged edged blade
This is Sheeva the Budisam god of distruction
I noticed in this picture that the top of the tower is above the clouds
I like this picture because it is like Crater Lake in Oregon
This painting shows a milk can and fruit, AWESOME!!!!
The color of this painting is very gray and dull
The texture of this painting is very sketchy
He looks very angry and has weird colors
This sculpture is swirly and has a weird stand
I do not see any dead even though this is the isle of the dead
This picture has a lot of hay in its design
This armor suit has many crosses and stripes
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