Nature Will remain - Jordan Potter

This gallery walks the viewer through the four seasons that we experience here on earth.  Throughout history many cultures have viewed these seasons and used them in their religions to represent things like gods or the human walk though life.  This gallery is meant to show you the four seasons in all of their beauty, and to show you how no matter what it goes through, Nature Will Remain.      

Spring in Lingnan is a painting of tree branches with deep red flowers growing on them. The contrast of the deep red from the flower peddles to the brown of the tree perfectly shows the change from winter to spring as beautiful colors begin to emerge.
In this painting a mountain stream flows through an early spring forest. The texture of the brush strokes brings the water to life. It is easy to see the water coming from melted snow in the mountains flowing down to nourish the budding flowers and trees.
In this painting birds are returning to the lush summer foliage. This painting uses the contrast between the plane background to really bring out the colors in the flower petals and other plants as well as the birds.
This is a painting of a forest surrounding a still lake with the moons reflection in it. It uses spatial perspective to make the lake appear to stretch out far into the distance.
This is an image of a mountain in autumn. The trees leaves are changing colors before falling. The artist uses many complimentary colors to make this image pop like real colored leaves do before falling.
This is an image of treas with their colorful leaves in autumn before they begin to fall. This artist uses a contrast of texture. The high detail of the tree bark opposed to the flat colors of the leaves make them stand out.
This is an image of a forest with barren trees as winter sets in. The artist uses texture and spatial perspective in great detail to make the viewer feel like they are actually standing in this forest. One can almost feel the cool winter air rush past them as they view this.
This is an image of a frozen pond surrounded by a snowy forest at night. The contrast between the black and white as well as the grainy texture make the trees really pop in their location. It is a great representation of the beauty of a snowy winter.
This is an image of a rainy spring day as flowers begin to bloom after a long winter. The artist uses colors to show the time of year. as winter fades the dead grass begins to be replaced by fresh green grass as the fresh rain nourishes it and the flowers.
This is an image of a poppy flower field during a spring night. While it might not look real, the textures and color work together to make it feel like one could reach out and touch this beautiful world.
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