True Art of the renaissance

 By: Matthew Sanchez and Ivan Delgado

A classic renaissance sculpture, it is a very detailed and realistic piece of art. Notice the detailed muscles, shadow in the background, the way the arm folds, and the facial hair, as well as the facial expression.
A very detailed drawing, it has a realistic background, and has many details on the peoples' bodies and expressions. It has tiny details on the table. Also, it includes all twelve disciples, and Christ, adding religion to realism.
This work of true Renaissance art has a detailed landscape, and a well drawn woman. Her dress has many colors, and her facial expression is very detailed.
This masterpiece has many amazing details. They include the muscles on the men as well as their clothes, which are smooth or wrinkly. This picture makes it seem as if they are having a conversation while fishing in shallow waters.
In the realistic background, you can see a river, a trail, some hills, and a castle. The young man has a kind (and somewhat happy) facial expression.
This picture is an excellent example of true art for a few reasons. First of all, the expressions on the faces of the people. They look serious and are looking in different directions. There is also a book (perhaps a Bible, and a bell on the table. Also, Pope Leo X seems to be holding a magnifying glass.
The statue has very detailed muscles and hair. His face has a bold expression. This is a fantastic work of art because of the quality and detail of the body.
The many people in this painting are very detailed, each having their own clothes, actions, and facial expression. You can see many different conversations and gestures in this painting, which makes it true Renaissance art.
Angels are flying by in the background of this work of art. It looks as if every person is serious, and their is so much detail one might guess the mother and the child are nervous or scared.
The bodies of the people have great structure and detail. The three people in the front have amazing detail on their clothes, faces, and bodies.
Credits: All media
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