Sofia Espinoza

Color Schemes

This color scheme is a warm color scheme. The different shades of red and orange make it that specific color scheme. This creates a mood of anger and anxiety because of all the red.
This painting is analogous because it uses yellow and green as the two colors really stand out. The painting gives off a mood of energetic yet calm.
Monochromatic is the specific color scheme. The artist used black and white and different tints and shades to make it monochromatic. Since they are very neutral colors it creates a warm and earthy mood.
The color scheme in this self portrait is complementary. Blue and orange are the two colors that really pop so those two being opposites on the color wheel makes it complementary. The colors are vivid making it a bright mood.
Triadic is the specific color scheme for this piece of art. Since it uses the three primary colors, it creates a vivid and very strong mood visually.
The color scheme is cool. The different blues makes it this scheme and gives it a sense of restfulness and quietness. Also, it reminds me of waves and water.
Credits: All media
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