The reason why Flora and Fauna are a big part of our world and why I have chosen this for my exhibition today is because God created everything that is in our environment. If we didn't have flora and fauna we could lose our environment and our pets, animals that provide us with food for e.g. cows produce our dairy products. We would also lose our trees that create paper, our plants, as some create vegetables etc. Fauna has a huge variety of animals; some 83% of mammals, 89% of reptiles. Flora has 24,000 species in different countries.  

My structural artwork chosen is a fauna artwork that is in a shape of a lion’s head waterspout. Its 3-D and shows that the surface is slightly eroded, but the modelling remains well kept. On the surviving surface of the cyma is a double palmetto ornament carved in relief.
My subjective artwork is a flora artwork that is w47.3 x h167.8 cm each. A set of four hanging scrolls, freely painted, depicting flowering plants through the seasons. Each has its title written on the box it comes in; spring shows a plum and is entitled, Noko Gyokkotsu, summer shows a palm tree entitled ‘Ugo Ryokusui’, autumn shows a pomegranate tree and is entitled ‘Sekiryu Shumi’ while winter depicts a nandina tree and is given the title, ‘Koho Nanten’. Each of the paintings has powerful brushstrokes and is characterized by the use of bright colours while the subject is so real that it seems about to burst out from the confines of the picture.
The Cultural artwork chosen is an artwork called ‘The Ungrateful Man’ but has a longer title to describe more of the depth in the artwork. The title is ‘The whole court was filled with confusion, through the animals, with no attempt to injure anybody, simply made their way close to the side of the peasant’. This is a fauna artwork. The painting was made with Charcoal and gouache on board.
This artwork is also a fauna artwork and is described as the stories and history of Aboriginal people. Christopher Pease crated this artwork. The resin from native Balga is carefully applied first to a layer of shaped hessian, then to canvas. The dimensions of this painting are w3000 x h1800 cm.
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