Bare Femininity - Ashley Varner

This gallery includes several brilliant works of art that show an appreciation for the female form and storytelling during the Renaissance period. This collection of paintings and pastels provides a look into the depiction of women in the barest form and gives insight of the artists who created them. 

In this piece, the focus is the woman depicted as Eve and the snake tangled in the branches of the tree tempting her. The storytelling embedded in this image and the nude figure of Eve reflect back to the biblical story of Adam and Eve.
Venus with a Mirror is a work of art that shows the lady Venus staring at her own reflection. She's surrounded by lavish fabrics and colors. A small cherub holds the mirror in place for her while another attempts to place a crown of golden leaves upon her head.
In the painting Leda and the Swan, Correggio tells the story of Jupiter's dalliances using disguises. In this portion of the tale, Jupiter became a swan. The focus is on the woman, Leda, in the center with the swan. The painting shows Leda being seduced by Jupiter on the banks of a river.
Venus with the Organ Player depicts Venus lying posed while a man looks over his shoulder at her. The pipes of the organ give insight as to who he is and what he's doing. The focus is drawn to Venus by her nudity and the lavish red drapes she's surrounded by.
A Lady in Her Bath portrays a woman bathing as a boy just behind the bath reaches for grapes. She's surrounded by drapes of bold color that may or may not indicate royalty. In the background there's a woman nursing a baby, and a maid doing some chores. The painting is believed to represent the ideal life.
In The Nymph of the Fountain, the artist painted his version of a tale about a fountain being guarded by the statue of a nymph. In this painting, the nymph isn't made of stone but of flesh. With the fountain in the background, the nymph draws the attention and becomes the focal point.
Girl in a Fur Coat focuses on the woman depicted. Without anything lingering in the background except dark color, the same as the fur, the attention is automatically drawn to the pale skin of the woman. She's wearing jewelry and draped in fur with the right side of her chest exposed.
America is a pastel work that shows a woman wearing a headband, holding feathers and revealing half of her chest. Over her shoulder is a quiver of arrows. This piece was painted to show the continent of America represented by a female.
Venus on the Waves portrays the goddess Venus resting against the waves. She's surrounded by birds and cherubs as well as partially wrapped in robes that appear to part of the water. The skies above her and the water below are similar in color and texture to the fabric winding around her.
In this piece the focal point is the woman. She's holding a mirror in her hand, and appears to be fixing her hair. The young woman's pale skin is contrasted by the dark background, the window behind her and the faded red fabric wrapped around her in a hint of modesty.
Credits: All media
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