Goddess of Justice

This gallery contains depictions of the goddess of wisdom, courage, justice, and war: Athena. Along with Athena, other gods and goddesses are also shown on these Amphoras and cups made of clay. 

This piece is the prize vessel from the Athenian Games which honored Athena. On the body you can see Athena armed for battle with the inscription "from the games at Athens."On the other side would be a depiction of whatever event it was that this prize was for. This piece is a lot taller than the rest of the amphora's with a lid that is pointed at the top. This piece also falls right into the color scheme, featuring all three colors and having the white only showing up on Athena.
On this cup you can see Athena in a helmet between a set of large eyes. Under the handles are inverted lotus patterns. Athena is the focus of this piece so she is in the center of it. Unlike some of the other pieces in this collection, the white is only on the large eyes and not Athena.
On this Amphora, you can see Herakles threatening Eurystheus, who is hiding in a pithos with his arms up, with a Erymanthean boar while Athena is flanking them. This Amphora follows the similar theme of the vase having black and orange and the only white pieces are apart of Athena.
On this cup you can see a large pair of eyes with Herakles and Athena in the middle. Eyes were believed to have the power to ward off evil. This piece breaks the theme of only Athena having white paint. Now there is white paint in the eyes.
On this amphora you can see Athena mounting the chariot to drive Herakles to Mount Olympus. This piece follows the same shape patterns as most other amphora's in this collection. This time the white is not only on Athena, but also on the horse in the back, most likely to give this piece more depth.
This piece stands out from the rest because this time instead of the dark orange color being the background it is what the characters are painted out of and the background is now a beige color. On this piece you can see Athena standing behind Herakles offering him support with raised hands. Inscriptions are painted on to identify who is who.
Athena is depicted twice on this piece. This first is in the shoulder where she stands with a shield and spear as Herakles wrestles a lion. The second time is on the body, where Athena is standing on the far right with a spear and her left arm up. This piece is different from the rest and instead of having a pattern alone the neck it is just black. It also appears to have a lid which none of the others do.
Featured on this clay piece are Athena, Herakles, and Hermes. In this scene Herakles and Hermes are trying to drive the dog of Hades to the underworld. Athena is standing in the middle of the vase with her arm raised in a gesture of greeting. Athena is again in the middle of this vase as she often is in this gallery.
On this cup the battle between the Olympian gods and the Giants are depicted. On the main side of the cup you can see Athena aiding two partially hidden opponents. This vase keeps up with a theme by having both side have a huge pair of eyes painted onto it. The color are still black and orange, but this time the white was left out.
This clay piece depicts scenes from the mythological Trojan War. On the front of this piece you can see Achilles and Ajax playing a board game and Athena standing in front of them. This was a popular scene to paint in late 500 BC. This piece falls into the color scene of this project perfectly, featuring black, white, and orange colors.
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