Era of reformATION

By: Surabhi Deshpande                                                          See how things have changed as time has passed.

Women and men, two different genders that did the same amount of work but were not being treated equally, does that sound fair? It does not to me,this was how life was. Women worked just as hard as men did but were not being payed as much and were being treated exactly like slaves. This issue was redressed, women are now able to do everything that men can do.
Many people were not allowed to vote because of a certain gender and skin color. If they tried to state their opinions. there were punishments that came along with that. This artifact is showing how this issue changed. Almost everyone was allowed to vote on certain issues.
Education was another big issue. Many African-American people, women, and poor people were not allowed to be educated while others were. People were being discriminated and knew that this was an issue that needed to be redressed. The uneducated people fought for their rights and yet again this issue was redressed. This artifact is a passage that is describing what many women went through to be educated and to find jobs.
Sojourner Truth was a womens rights activist and she was an abolitionist. Truth was born a slave and since she was a slave, she was never treated like we are now or how the wealthier people were back then. She knew immediately that this was an issue that she wanted to change. Truth traveled around the country and shared her famous poem with others (aint I a woman).
Lucretia Mott is another womens rights activist and abolitionist. She helped right the Declaration of Sentiments during the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848. She had changed the lives of many women, she is one of the reasons that we have so many rights today.
Susan B. Anthony was another womens rights activist, feminist, and abolitionist. She was the person who was against slavery and who started collecting anti-slavery petitions at the age of 17. She was a very important person during the Era of Reform. If it was not for her, many women would not have as many rights back then and that would have had a large impact on today.
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