nicolle's Sample Exhibition

This gallery is about how freedom of speech isn't all it's cracked up to be. The theme is IRONY, and how those who stand up for their beliefs, get the white paint. So there are photo's depicting the irony, and there are photo's of artist stating such irony with art. Enjoy!

This photo is the exact definition to this galley, and a great gateway to lead into the rest of the photo's.
I see this artist stating a free standing building being whited out, is the same as a free stand person being silenced. Artist works are covered( silenced) and so is Rodriguez.
Protesters stand up for this art, and the Captain America man says to me that freedom isn't so free.
Thought I would throw this one in, I see this classic image, that was once "naughty" in those times, even in celebration, Kobra expresses a forbidden within a forbidden.
To me,Ram is stating there is beauty within natural sights and graffiti. mixing nature,graffiti, and art shows beauty is, and can be everywhere, in any form.
self explanatory, CB23 literally frowns to a " No Parking" sign, and ironically a car is parked within the frame.
QRST creates this sign that maybe he knows will be removed, so ironically stated is "this is temporary" in street art form.
I choose this to explain how not only are space invaders great, but I understand this to state art is "invading" the streets; something many frown upon.
I understood this to state a "trapped" feeling artist feel society sees graffiti artist in, and their "freedom" is unlawful.
This one is just cute, but the famous Banksy is known to define law and rules, and make his statements clear in his works.
This one is pure irony if any! Banksy once again throws his thoughts in laws face with his bold statements. Love it!
Couldn't tell if the white out is a part of the work, or getting covered, but either way it's expressing graffiti art isn't appreciated, and must be erased.
Credits: All media
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