Shelton's Google art project

By: Garrick Shelton

Medium: Textiles and fiber Arts I chose this solely based on the fact that I can relate to spending time on a roof with loved ones and friends. Also, the piece tells a story about being in a new city.
Medium: White Marble This sculpture is significant to me because of its Native American story behind it and the fact that this is work from one of the first African American artist that received national recognition.
Medium: Oil on Canvas I feel the soldiers that just harmed Jesus are now skeptical about their actions.
Medium: Oil on Canvass to me, the painting is soothing and beautiful.
Medium: Oil On Canvass The message in the painting is powerful! it speaks for itself
Medium: Oil on Canvass A mother seems to be grieving over her dead son. I know from personal experience how it feels for a parent to lose a child
Medium: Oil on Canvass The painting is interesting because it seems like mermaids are exploring a little girls body and not vice versa.
Medium: Oil on Canvass the painting is interesting because it there are sacrifices made in peoples life every day and though they are not quite like that they are still made
Medium: Bronze Statue This sculpture is just an example of survival of the fittest which I can relate in football, only the best will win.
Medium: Ivory sculpture This sculpture signified power and leadership which is a great combination.
Medium: Gouache, graphite on illustration board The image is apart of my history. They are gathering in the woods for a ceremony.
Medium: Silkscreen on paper People are reading, educating themselves. I chose it because education is something I value and the picture is creative.
Medium: oil on canvas I like the colors and meaning that the artist provided
Medium: Various stones The art is interesting and creative
Credits: All media
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