seeing through perspective

An Artist's Perspective on Perspective

Using perspective, distance is shown in the piece. The uses perspective to help convey the patience of the tiger.
The artist used perspective to show not only distance, but also height and scale. The Native American appear to be on a hill overlooking the plains.
Using perspective the artist convey the depth of the structures using perspective. The structures in the background appear to stretch further giving the painting a three dimensional appearance.
Perspective, specifically atmospheric perspective, is used to convey distance to the onlooker. The trees in the foreground appear dreary alongside the foggy structure in the background.
Using perspective and scaling down the windmill and structure in the background the artist conveys distance. All three structures seem to scale down from right to left giving the illusion of distance.
By using atmospheric perspective, the foggy mountains in the background, the pond seems closers and more majestic.
By using perspective, this flat object receives more of a three dimensional look. The lighter tone of the background objects also help the foreground objects "pop" into perspective.
By using perspective, this dreary trail conveys more depth and creates the feeling of a dreary trek on horseback.
By using perspective, the onlooker feels that the image is really coming down the hill and straight towards them.
Perspective is used to convey distance. The structures appear to be longer and more majestic.
By using perspective the road and structures appear to stretch a great distance.
By using perspective the town square not only seems larger, but more robust and alive. The onlooker is now able to see all of the activity in the town.
On a long flat canvas, (wall) the artist is able to use perspective to create hallways that seem to stretch deep into the wall.
Perspective is used to show more rooms in the dwellings. This also allows the artist to allow more light into the rooms giving the piece a more vivid and bright style.
Perspective is used to create depth. with this the artist was able to add more windows and allow more light into the scene. This drastically made his piece pop off the canvas.
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