RED// Red is my favorite color so I chose to focus on the color red in this gallery.

The geometric shapes was what drew my to this piece. And I like the red hits in the piece.
The shapes drew me to this piece.
I really liked the red trees in this painting.
The red frame is what got my attention to this. It pops and really makes this painting.
The use of perspective is what got my attention for this piece. All of the trees are going towards to the red dot in a 1 point perspective.
The use of the white to make tornado like swirls got my attention.
The red land really got my attention. I like the contrast as well.
The red tunnel was an attention grabber. I also like the perspective aspect that was used in this.
The contrast is what got my attention in this piece.
The deep red is what caught my attention. Also the shapes as well.
The signs are what brought me to this piece and the red highlights in the signs.
The red flame is what brought me to like this piece.
I liked the texture that was on the vase.
I like the feel of this piece. The red gives it a warm feeling and I really liked that.
The size of the red bucket on the landscape was really cool to me.