THe "Yuppies"

Otherwise known as the Young Urban Professionals of the 1980s

The Yuppies of the 1980s were the rich, college educated people of America. There was a huge rise in lawyers, accountants, stock brokers, basically money making industries
The rise in the number of yuppies led to the gentrification of many urban areas around the country. The city of New York experienced this seriously, rising property valued displaced many.
Along with the new apartment and houses came flashy cars, a plethora of outings and socialization.
The era also brought about changing tastes in music. Artists such as Madonna became sensations. There was also a rise in other kinds of music such as hip hop, and dance that were facilitated by MTV
The nouveau riche also changed their consumption patterns. Healthy, organic meals became fashionable. The popularization of fro-yo was huge in the era for its low calory content
The work out industry also begins to boom, with workout videos characterized by neon leotards, short shorts for men, leg warmers and headbands. Fitness was the order of the day in the 1980s.
Another significant thing is a shift from the practice of traditional religions. Yuppies begin to explore Buddhism, Yoga, and other religions.
The end of the Yuppies came with the Wall Street Crash of 1987. Their culture reseeded as the economy took a hit from their careless and egoistic activities.
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