10 different types of lines

this has very thick and organized lines it sets a very calming mood
this has some thick lines that flow across the page there is also some messy clumps of small lines there seems to be a lot of negative space
this has small thin lines not a lot of negative space the lines go all across the page and seem to come from one point
this has a background that is spread out and thick solid lines going vertical this sets a more spontaneous mood
this has a very organized mood its very basic and has straight diagonal lines coming from a center point
these lines a very spread apart at some points and at others they are very clumped together
this has very thin lines put close together to form what looks like a larger line it sets a very calming mood
this has lines going across the center , very thick spread apart lines and just a plain background
this art i feel really shows simplicity . it has very straight lines horizontal and vertical and there is no color.
these lines are very dark in the center and slowly fade out until they are white. They are straight diagonal lines.
Credits: All media
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