Symbolists of the Secession - Kyle Converse-Bridgette

The term Secession was adopted by a large group of artists of all mediums in the late 1800's meant to revolutionize the worlds artistic progress and to implement new styles of art in a bold movement against the lack of understanding towards artistic freedom. 

This Secession 49 Exhibition piece, created by Egon Schiele, is a commercial lithograph or print in 1918 announcing an artistic exhibition supporting the late movement of the secession period combining the works of german and italian artists relevant to a new age of impressionist, realist, and symbolist works of art. The prints visual aesthetic is a bold illustration attracting the viewers eye to negative space and impressionistic forms of a dinner gathering.
Gustav Klimt was Egon Schiele's idol and teacher throughout his life. This Poster displays Klimt's negative space adoption from another artists and including an illustration of mythology depicting the goddess athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Theseus fighting the legendary minotaur visually interpreting the struggle of new age artists breaking boundaries of old artistic habits.
In this piece Egon Schiele's heavy use of oil and gauche bring a deep texture to the viewers eye giving a physical quality that can assume a deep impression of internal personal struggle. Here we see Schiele and his doppelganger with skin missing from his face as a brutal imagery of internal dialogue between emotion.
This work of art is most definitely one of the most famous works of Gustav Klimt. a portrait of a couple at a hilltop edge embraced as the man kisses a woman's cheek surrounded by geometric design creating a fluid movement for the eye to wonder between the negative spaces filled with pattern and bold outlines surrounding impressionistic figures.
Jozef's painting is a grande use of negative space, allowing the viewer to create an image out of the absent of light, the image depicts swans at night in the gardens of Warsaw, Germany, giving an illusion of realist movement in an impressionistic style while not completely exposing the main subjects to the viewers eye.
In this painting the word usury, meaning the practice of lending money at unreasonably high interest rates, is personified as an actual skeleton strangling a metaphorical humanity to death. Here Cirillo Manicardi illustrated with bold features, lines, and negative space implementing two figures throughout the image with the usury personified atop mankind.
George Frederic Watts interpreted the birth of woman depicted from genesis, as an apparition like figure born from the creators imagination in a cloud of liquid like design. The artist used heavy paint strokes around and impressionistic female figure making the figure soft and malleable in the viewers eyes.
the artist Victor Vasnetsov created this visually stunning work of a knight riding a mighty horse stopped in front of a grave sight with the exposed bones of a past rider and his horse. This painting uses realist and impressionistic styles to evoke a dream state in the viewers interpretation. The was meant to corolate the lack of government intervention within the suffering of the people and the hidden agenda of those in power that lacked the will to act on the people's behalf.
Gustav Klimt's Death and Life painting is rather straight forward, depicting the growth of children and family into adults to grow old and die alone. Here Life is visualized in colorful patterns and impressionistic figures surrounding each other with embrace and mirrored by the soft and dark blue designs surrounding death as a grim reaper in skeleton form.
Filippo Carcano finished this work in 1906 depicting a large mass of people or figures walking in the same direction towards the dying glow of the horizon line visualizing the eventuality of death and distance everyone has till the end of the line parse. This painting uses softer pigments and impressionistic figures in a deserted landscape.
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