Friendship is a very important subject and theme that I found throughout each of the pieces we were assigned to read. Our friends are essential in our lives. We constantly look to our friends for support and help when we encounter complications in our life. We need our friends, and I do not think we realize how much we need them until you are put in a situation where you do not have any friends available. In both of the pieces we have covered so far, our protagonists both were successful through friendships that they created. It was the bonds that Marjane Satrapi made with the people she encountered that helped her survive when she moved to Austria. It was Enkidu that saved Gilgamesh from being such a lonely, cruel ruler, and allowed him to become such a successful hero. You cannot take on the world by yourself. You need a network of friends and family to fall back on when you find yourself in a low time of your life. 

This picture reminded me of when Enkidu and Gilgamesh first met. They met in a conflict but then had such a mutual respect for each other that they became great companions. They went through everything together, and you can see how close they were upon the death of Enkidu. Gilgamesh takes it very hard, and he stays with Enkidu's body, "mourning his friend" ("The Epic of Gilgamesh", Andrew George 63).
Gilgamesh and Enkidu shared a very strong bromance. They would have died for each other and that is why they were able to overcome great challenges such as defeating the Bull of Heaven. Working as a team, Enkidu grabbed the Bull from behind as Gilgamesh "thrust in his knife" ("The Epic of Gilgamesh", Andrew George 52).
This picture reminded me of the loyalty of the humans to the Gods they trusted. They frequently asked the Gods for help and offered sacrifices in the chapel. Upon defeating the Bull of Heaven, Enkidu and Gilgamesh "bore its heart aloft and set it before Shamash" ("The Epic of Gilgamesh", Andrew George 52).
Gilgamesh listened to Enkidu no matter how much Humbaba pleaded with him. He trusted Enkidu's judgement and "heard the words of his friend" ("The Epic of Gilgamesh", Andrew George 44). Even though you might not always agree with your friends, you sometimes have to trust them and go along with their decisions.
Gilgamesh and Enkidu met in conflict but that is what turned them into such close friends. They gained admiration for each other's strength and even "kissed each other and formed a friendship" ("The Epic of Gilgamesh", Andrew George 17).
This picture reminded me of when Marji visited her uncle while he was in prison. To me it showed how devoted and close they were as friends. Even though he was incarcerated, Marji did not think any different of him, and she even admired him more for his bravery and told her friends that "there are lots of heroes in my family" ("The Complete Persepolis", Marjane Satrapi 61).
In "The Complete Persopoleus", there are several moments when the family needs to abruptly run down into the basement to take cover from a missile strike. While frightening, hard times like this bring families and friends more closely together in the long run.
The plane approaching an unknown jungle reminded me of Marji's journey to Austria. She had to leave her friends and family and start over again in a foreign country. Not until she had to leave did Marjane admit that she "never realized how much they loved me"("The Complete Persepolis", Marjane Satrapi 149).
This picture reminded me of the bond that Marjane shared with her grandmother. It was her grandmother that always supported her, and told Marjane to "always keep your dignity and be true to yourself"("The Complete Persepolis", Marjane Satrapi 150).
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