All the pieces in this gallery art rough and sketchy, most seemingly incomplete.

Parts in the background have not been finished and still only have the sketchy look.
Although this ram is pretty detailed, it is still very sketchy and doesn't feel to be complete.
Since this was a study I guess it was sketched quickly. At least it looks like it was. Like the others, it doesn't have a complete feeling to it.
Like the others, this piece has that sketchiness to it, although it is very complete. I think this is my favorite of all of them.
This is very beautiful, but like the others it is rough and incomplete-looking.
This piece is very obviously incomplete and roughly done.
This is another one that is pretty complete, unlike the others, but still has the sketchy rough feel to it.
This is totally sketchy.
Like some of the others, it is obvious that this was done rather quickly due to it's roughness.
A pretty complete piece as far as having all the contents, but is still a rough, unfinished-looking piece.
So beautiful is this piece, but like the others is sketchy.
Unlike the others, this piece contains color, but still retains that roughness.
This is another piece that seems to have been drawn quickly and roughly.
This piece is pretty complete, but is still a sketch.
This is another one of my favorites in this gallery and is also very sketchy and rough.
Credits: All media
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