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Amazing painting. To me, it depicts suspense of whether the fisherman will reach the mother ship, and at the same time it makes me wonder whether the mother ship is getting into the storm while the fisherman is safe. Safe, because he is on the sunny side. May be his friends are worried about him or may be he is worried about their fate. The cloud also calls for questions. The darkness at the end show bad weather. The thin steaks can be the sign of bad weather going away. Like a storm cloud that is ebbing away. It can also mean the clouds coming in. As this is the new england coast, more often than not, the streams are such that the coast line is clear of clouds and the thick stormy clouds stay in the horizon far away. If that is the case, then the fisherman is closer to shore than the big ship, hence, he may be safer than the mother ship.
La Princess from the land of porcelain reminds me a lot of 'La Japonaise' where Camille Monet pains his wife in a Japanese outfit as well. This one is earlier than Monet's painting. What is interesting is if put next to each other, it feels like Camille is actually making fun of Christina Spartali. It would be interesting to see them side by side. Although the Monet painting is overwhelmingly huge. While this painting is of medium size.
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